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Corporate Catering

Corporate catering depends on the size and level of the function being hosted. Corporate functions may range from small gatherings to fancy dinners. These require a specific type of structure when catering for them. Some companies would prefer a small open bar for its residents while others will opt for a small foods tasting session.

Corporate functions are elegant and very relaxed and should be catered for with regard to this fact. Hiring a wedding caterer for your corporate function might prove wasteful and will eventually reflect on your expenses.

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Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is one of the most common forms of large-scale catering. One of the most critical aspects of a wedding is the reception, which mainly focuses on the food offered to guests. Weddings can be tricky since you may never be able to accurately estimate the number of people to be present during the wedding.

The menu should reflect the diversity of the invited guests with a view to catering to different tastes. Aside from the food and the wine, the caterer is also in charge of table settings and displays, which vary for different functions. When sourcing for a caterer, get one with experience in wedding catering.

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Social Event Catering

Retirement parties, birthdays, baby and bridal showers always call for celebration. These functions are more intimate and demand attention to detail, especially when it comes to catering. Due to their small nature, always make an effort to service clients’ specific dietary needs. Attention to people’s allergens should be noted to avoid cases of inflamed allergies arising from food intake.

Also, cultural beliefs should be considered to avoid the chance of providing prohibited foods during such gatherings. Additional options, aside from the food, such as the theme colour of the event, should also be factored. Compared to weddings and other large gatherings, small social events do not require a large presence of on-site staff. This is done to emphasize the intimate nature of such gatherings.

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Concession Catering

Public events, major sporting events, and large music concerts fall into this category. Wherever you find large crowds of people gathered, chances are there is food on site. In such cases, only provide the most popular foods since it is difficult to cater to everyone’s specific dietary needs. For instance, it makes sense to have popular fast food bars instead of full course food options.

Since most of the caterers at these events work as vendors, their goal is to make the most out of an event, which means providing the most popular and unique foods to attract as many customers as possible to their stalls. While planning for such events can be a nightmare, with the right menu choices, you can make a fortune while at the same time ensuring everyone is happy and well fed.

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Restaurant Catering

If you are hosting an event and would like a more advanced menu than the usual, restaurant catering is the way to go. For instance, if your event is being held within a hotel’s premises, using one of the hotel’s recommended restaurant caterers is highly advised. You might even get such a catering service as a package, which will save you the hustle of planning for all the intricate details. Some restaurants also provide outside catering should you want the same services at a different location. The caterers might also provide table dressing services if you wish to make the event beautiful and immersive.

Understanding the different types of catering services helps you make an informed decision when choosing a caterer for your gathering. The food provided at the event is as important as the event itself since it brings people together, and since people have varying tastes and dietary needs, aligning the menu with this in mind will make for an unforgettable event.

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Office Delivery Catering

A caterer prepares food somewhere far from the office, packs it in disposable ware and delivers it to the office of the person who ordered it. The person orders the food via a call to the caterer or through their mobile phone application and pays after the food has been delivered. The payment can be cash or through a wire transfer.

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Buffet Catering

Different types of dishes are put in metallic storages that have some fire beneath, heating the food in moderate heat, to keep it warm until the end of the event. They are arranged in a line and the guests come to serve themselves with the dish of their choice. This type of catering service allows the guests to mingle freely and can really save on budget and time.

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Sit-Down Catering

The guests sit down on their respective seats while the caterer has people moving around with trays of food or drinks on them. The caterers go asking the guests what they would love to take, and come back later with their meals and drinks. This type of service is suitable for an elegant event but is usually time consuming and a bit expensive.

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Mobile / delivery catering

This type of caterer often brings food via food carts, delivery services, or any food trucks. This service is cheaper than most of the other availabilities. This type of service needs fewer involvements and relies mainly on the demands of the clients.

The mobile caterers would prepare the menu based on predetermined plans as specified by the clients. They would subsequently deliver the food to the apt location. This is the service most suitable for those with a set budgetary criterion.

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Private full-service catering

Private event caterers, as the title suggests, are privately owned and operated businesses. The experiences that they impart with their services and skillset go ahead establishing a statement. The success of an event mainly lies in the way a private caterer designs a plan and go about it, carving a niche both for the client and one’s own journey. It’s, therefore, important that a private caterer should follow the client’s expectations in a standardized and customized manner.

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